There is a reason for my name, Jones Family Law. Family law is my passion. Family law is my business. Family law is my exclusive focus. You have worked hard to create your world, from your family to your finances to your security. Your family law case, your world, is too important to be handled by some lawyer that only “dabbles” in family law.


At Jones Family Law, I am committed to resolving your family law issues as quickly, peacefully, and cost-effectively as possible. Family law changes constantly and there are major changes coming this year. Navigating your family law case through the court system can be very difficult and frustrating. Forms, forms, and more forms! There are many unexpected issues that may arise. To handle your family law issue without an attorney is neither a task for the weary nor recommended. Don’t go it alone!


I have been practicing law since 1999. I have litigated hundreds of cases, if not more. My experience in family law is extensive and continuously growing. Every year I often exceed the mandated study hours for lawyer recertification. When I am not litigating, I often spend time in the courtroom learning the ways of a particular judge or counsel. In addition, I often visit the courtroom with my client prior to our court date since many of my clients have never been inside of a courtroom. I familiarize my client to the courtroom setting to ensure my client is comfortable on the actual court date. Experience matters!


When you hire Jones Family Law, you hire me. I will meet with you. I’ll personally prepare you as your case progresses. I’ll be accessible to you and respond quickly to meet your needs. I will always appear with you in court. I also have an outstanding staff who are always here to help you. In what is often your most pressing time of need, you are my priority. Unlike other firms, at Jones Family Law you will never be shuffled off to a junior associate lawyer unfamiliar with you or your case. You and I will navigate your family law case together.


I have seen law firms advertise a “team approach,” which usually means the client is excessively billed because each member of the “team” reads a single email or worked on the same issue. Your case and your money are too precious to be spent unnecessarily. I will provide you with effective, diligent representation in the most cost-effective manner possible. Also, I offer unique, flexible billing options that most other firms do not. At Jones Family Law, your case, not your bill, is my priority.