I attended Oklahoma City University School of Law (OCU) from 1996 to 1999. As I progressed through law school, I never really saw myself trying cases in court. While I would often go to court and observe real cases (and still do), my interest was in business and real estate law. Then, in my last semester, a vibrant, dynamic federal prosecutor taught my trial practice class. For the final project, she provided her students with a real criminal case that she had personally tried to a federal jury. My student-partner and I tried the case to a jury made up of other students. That experience opened my eyes to the world of litigation and I haven’t looked back. I was hooked! Ask me how my mock trial came out.

I earned tremendous success in law school. I graduated 8th out of 113 students from OCU with honors, magna cum laude. I earned the top score in Torts I, Legal Research and Writing I, Scientific Evidence, and Commercial Paper. My accomplishments earned me a merit scholarship and the Faculty Honor Roll. I also joined the Phi Delta Phi Honorary Fraternity.

In 1995, the same year Kennesaw State University (KSU) earned “University” status, I earned my B.B.S. in Political Science with a Minor in Legal Studies from KSU. While at KSU, I worked in shipping and receiving for one of the world’s largest international chemical companies. I left the company in 1996 to pursue my legal career.

I graduated from Cherokee High School in Canton, Georgia in 1989.


As my time in law school illustrates, I know that hard work breeds success. In my first year in practice, I put my hard-charging work ethic to use for a small firm in Ellijay, Georgia. I practiced mainly criminal defense, ending that year assisting lead counsel in a murder trial. When the opportunity to practice general litigation for a bigger firm in Canton, Georgia arose, I took it. I came back home and spent much of the next year trying felony and misdemeanor cases to juries. I also had the opportunity to handle many other types of cases, including family law cases.

Working for a general practice firm certainly had its benefits. I was introduced to many different areas of the law. I learned the areas for which I had a passion and the areas for which I did not. However, I was just an employee. I had very little say over the areas of law in which I wanted to practice. I had to make a change.


Family law is difficult, emotional, and time consuming work. I recognize that people dealing with family law issues are often in crisis usually at their most vulnerable point in life. However, when I calm the crisis and resolve an issue, to me there is no greater reward. I found my passion and my passion is family law. Having only been out of law school for two years, I began my own law practice. My focus became primarily family law and criminal defense. I now had the opportunity to be the captain of my ship, selecting cases in the areas of law that I loved, not simply to keep the lights on.

I have operated my own law firm for over 16 years. Since 2002, I have tried numerous jury trials mostly in criminal cases. However, over the last few years, my practice shifted. I was handling more family law cases and really enjoying my work. The more I enjoyed family law cases, the deeper my emphasis on family law shifted. Recognizing this change, about two years ago, I pulled the trigger. I decided to focus exclusively on family law.


I am a married father of two children. I have a teenage daughter and younger son. I was fortunate enough to marry my high school sweetheart. I am also a twin and one of six siblings. My background has often times enabled me to uniquely understand the joys and the struggles of my clients and their situations.

I have operated a solo law firm in Canton, Georgia since 2002. During my career, I have served as a prosecutor for the Municipal Court for the City of Canton. I have served as Judge, pro tempore, for the Cities of Canton and Holly Springs. I have also sat as Judge, pro tempore for the Juvenile Court of Cherokee County. I currently sit as Municipal Court Judge for the City of Nelson and have held that position since 2007. In my time away from the office, you will often see me at a softball field or a basketball court cheering on my children.